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Error 509 — What to do when you see That Your website has “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded.” And how to repair it

509 Restricted bandwidth error Case — a start-up that is Frequent Online business error


You have build a large site with many pages and you also Receive a couple tens of thousands of visitors every day each page with some of the top Search Engine indexed pages to / / etc. obtaining a more than 3000 unique visits (per month), you’ve got a well written and have arrangements with few custom affiliate advertisements netowrk and your web data content already nicely SEO optimized for top keyword phrases and showing in head positions in people searches on the net.

bandwidth exceeded

Nevertheless your overall website remains not getting more than 150 000 to 200 000 visits a month that and the site is not so large still to host it on your own hired dedicated server hosting but situated on a relatively cheap shared hosting and you’ve got a restricted web hosting program because you want to maximize the earnings made from site and decrease the costs (because it is typical for many Start-up web site hosted businesses). After all you and the hired developer / and support man need to live on the earnings you create from the website.


Everything works good and you’re happy the business is Rising month by month and site Rank gets and Visitors are increase contributing to improving affiliate payment test — (financial results).


But wait abruptly a colleague friend Collectively the site platform that produces you cash


Calls out and tells you if he confronted interruptions with Website and gets his Chrome Web browser sudden unexpected Error 509 — Bandwidth Limit Exceeded errors as he was working inside the website (admin) net panel moving (renaming) website categories to place a better order of shared blogs user data.


Obviously as a developers you hired buy your website And you might be no IT person, the web site makes its money using company processes logic and you as a CEO Manager didn’t have a in depth view on the technology so you did not have thought originally exactly what the cheque 509 — Bandiwidth Limit Exceeded message implies at all so you do a fast research online and immediately comprehend the Error 509 status mistake results from your Web hosting provider and also the relatively cheap Limited Hosting plan you decide to utilize so as to cut the hosting budget expenditures.


The first logical response is to get angry at the Web Hosting Provider that they neglected to inform you timely that your reserved account Information Get / Send bandwidth is surpassing, you might even call the Internet Hosting Service Provider (SP) and scream them a tiny bit they failed to heat you timely about the upcoming bandwidth exceeding, simply to know you missed the email sent by them since you believed it is some non-important Marketing”SPAM” aimed to allow you to Increase Hosting Plans and accept your money for nothing.


Well anyways that won’t make scenario better, until you pay For increasing your hosting program.


For those interested, the reason the 509 page error came true Is since the Hosting SP entered a Firewall (Shaper) rules on their traffic boosting Network (Cisco) routers and automatic page was placed via a automated script that does run a mod_rewrite in case Apache, NGINX, Lighttpd URL rewrite rule to rewrite all your obtained URL addresses (there to your IP or even Ips of your (Web hosting) VPS to a simple 509 error return page…


Where your Bandwidth as you pay to get a plan Limitations are set on montlly basis (principle) and your preset level of Bandwidth to produce the site display again you have to pay the Hosting SP And will stop your business from prospective 509 error issues)