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Uses of colocation hosting


Financial services organizations operate in a highly competitive marketplace which places great emphasis on the IT infrastructure to remain robust and efficient. In which they can maintain their own specifications and controls, banks, insurance companies, trading firms and many others have maintained their IT on-premise.

And it’s proved to be a wise choice, particularly for essential applications like batch services, database and storage, mainframe solutions, along with high-performance and grid computing systems — for example, for conducting trading systems or operational analytics.

colocation hosting

However, competitive pressures and the huge benefits that cloud computing provides, are driving more financial support IT departments to maneuver their workloads off-premise. Gartner predicts that”by 2025, 80 percent of enterprises will migrate entirely away from on-premise data centres with the present trend of moving workloads to colocation hosting along with the cloud leading them to close down their conventional data centre.”

For most businesses, this a means looking for colocation facilities in which they can maintain their preferred specifications. They’re also able to gain the benefits of leveraging a collocation partner.

Obviously, financial service institutions are also exploring private and public cloud solutions for non-core workloads such as AI, Blockchain, and large data analytics, which demand scalability and processing power. But cloud is not sufficiently secure, controllable or cost-efficient for services that are financial systems.

And so, the very best surroundings by way is colocation because of its capacity to mirror an on-premise environment, whilst also that providing sufficient controls and flexibility. Below are some of the main reasons it is worth contemplating going down the colocation route.

Availability and continuity

Top tier colocation data center facilities are designed for availability, continuity and redundancy. They are going to have an emergency services offered together with generators additional electricity supplies, batteries and so on, for clients with outage scenarios tested to ensure continuity. Additionally, collocation hosting suppliers are obliged to keep SLAs and business . Because of this, you might discover that colocation enhances the customer experience, offering less lag and downtime compared with cloud solutions that are public.

IT management and support This frees up your staff to concentrate on business-centric and tactical goals and tasks, or revenue-generating or customer-centric purposes, instead of spending time on routine operations.

Furthermore, colocation service suppliers can provide extra support and assistance to your management and technical groups, which is useful for configuring, extending, managing and incorporating IT equipment and applications.

Data center Expenses

Colocation facilities can help companies shift big capital costs to smaller and more predictable operational expenses, as they consume some of their IT as a support. At an datacenter, the costs and services are shared between all clients helping to make it a less expensive choice.”

With our expertise advanced physical data centre infrastructure solutions, Panduit is able to help you build a responsive and powerful IT system, together with the option to base this in secure and reliable colocation centers of your choice. Is it time for you?