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And this will be a beauty post! Do you hear from your Trusty your mom, facial consultant or your dermatologist that exfoliation is a significant step to include in your skincare regime? Yes! It is indeed an essential thing if you need skin and pigment-less to perform. Trust me, I’m the typical singaporean lady with combination skin (oily T-zone & chin and dry on lips, and fatty eyelids) with a great deal of clotted pores. Envision yourself looking into the mirror and all you see are blackheads on your own nose/forehead and acne pigments around your face that is lower. This was me. Has been. The stock exchange is popped just like by my acne. Time of the month comes along with a lot of pimplish acne are popping up, spreading it around my face’s oilier section, then it went down, leaving pigments and scars supporting before another round of acnes formed up. IRRITATING, is not it? It never seems to evaporate from my skin.


Until I attempted Olay Professional ProX – Cleansing System. Let’s take a look at how it seems:


Does this reminds you of Clarisonic Electric Face Brush? YES, a cheaper option with the same objective of using exfoliation on your own face to eliminate dead skin, dirt and makeup residues. Much was Clarisonic? I remember it was about SGD$300-SGD$400 and I’m not prepared to spend that kind of money as yet. Thus, I stumbled upon Olay Prox Advanced and I’m LOVING It. My acne pigments lightens up and my head feels cleaner on every wash! I use it daily (I understand, only exfoliate 3 times a week ? But I like the consequences of using it everyday!) , night and morning, and my pores start to seem younger. Can I mention that my face has minimum acne (1 or 2 2 occasionally) now!


My Trusty cleansing system, for today.


Soft bristles I like!


Other high-end, It’s pretty inexpensive, compared to Products, and runs on a AA battery and may last for approximately 50 washes (1 min each). What I enjoy about this Olay cleansing strategy is that it doesn’t have the non-durable texture and has soft bristles as well as the material used to generate the brush is not flimsy, made of good hard plastic quality. Make you feel that your investment well-spent! I understand Watson and Guardian is selling it in S$60 or S$50 plus range and I will be looking at how to make it guys!


2-speed, rotating system produces daily cleansing and Gentle exfoliation.


Water resistant for use in the shower.


Replaceable soft bristle brush head

For exfoliation.


Cleansing brush may be used with a range of Olay And cleansers for daily cleansing.


Runs on 2 AA batteries


Aside from the brush, in Addition, It has exfoliating renewal cleaner, A little tube, which you may use it with the brush. To be frank, I’ve used the cleaner because I am using my facial cleaner – MUD RANG cleansing foam. MUD RANG cleaner is made of natural sand and is good for soothing my skin without drying. I love using this product because after each wash, I will hear that the”eek-eek” in my skin when I rub my face with my palms. Quirky clean!


Each box comes with The brush, bristles, exfoliating cleanser and batteries. Fantastic value and Feel free to