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Operational Real Estate Marketing

Without a written plan, your real estate business will fail.

The Operational Real Estate Marketing Plan comprises the 2nd part of any real estate marketing including Park View City in Islamabad is worth its salt. In the video below we explain what is its content and its function within the plan. Let’s not get confused. A real estate marketing plan for an agency or developer, even for an independent real estate agent, takes time. Especially the 2nd “Operational” part of the plan.

“You cannot make a real estate marketing plan to justify that you have a document, which shows what to do and how to do it; to achieve specific sales objectives. In addition, a real estate marketing plan must be clear and easy to implement. “

It all starts with the “Strategic” part; where the market in your area is analyzed , the competition in your area, the real estate product in your area and, based on this information, 4 types of objectives are established: traffic, information requests, potential customers and sales .

To get a certain number of sales; You need a specific number of really interested potential clients, which are obtained from a specific number of requests for information. These contacts come from a certain amount of traffic to your website, office, social networks and after sales. For each of your sales, there will be a certain number of requests for information, which will be related to a quantity of traffic generated to your website, social networks, office and after sales.

Do not; Designing a real estate marketing plan is not easy. However, it has the great advantage  that, if you prepare it well, you will be able to reach your sales objectives, (your final objectives), with a 90% chance. Moreover, who prepares his plan of action almost always ends up achieving more objectives than has been proposed.

For the past 3 years I have advised agents and agencies to prepare their particular real estate marketing plan and the proposed objectives have always been achieved.

You can get the same. Look at this video. It is part of a series of videos that we have hosted on YouTube. In this link you can find a very interesting article about: “How to Create an Online Marketing Plan that Grows (Almost) Any Business”. Enter this link: tools to create a business plan that works.

Video Operational Real Estate Marketing Plan.

In this video we will talk briefly about the operational part of a real estate marketing plan. It is the part that indicates how to do what needs to be done.

The operative part is the second part of any real estate marketing plan. It is planned and programmed, depending on the data that we have obtained in the strategic part, the most appropriate collection and sale actions to achieve the proposed objectives.

What does the Operational Marketing Plan contain?

In other words; The operational real estate marketing plan will tell you how to do well what needs to be done. It is very likely that, during this phase, you modify some of your objectives, while defining your business strategy and budget. The operative part of a real estate marketing plan consists of the following 5 sections.

First, establish the new “Marketing Process” . That is to say; you will define in detail what it will be: your ” Property Collection Process” ; your “Customer Acquisition Process” ; your “Property Negotiation and Sale Process” ; your “Service Delivery Process” and your “After Sales Process “.

Second, establish the Structure of the Commercial Department. Among other points you must define in this section what are the “Material Resources” that your commercial department needs. You will also specify the fees or commissions of the real estate agents.

Third, establish the Marketing Strategy, and the means you will use to capture clients and properties; both online and offline. For example, the activities to be carried out to improve your website and improve your blog. The SEO or positioning actions to attract more organic traffic in your area, and complete this section of the Operational Real Estate Marketing Plan by selecting the online media that you will use to attract qualified traffic: search engines, social networks, portals, classifieds, etc., and what strategy will you use in each medium

The Fourth section is the “Establishment of your Annual Budget”. That is, the cost of all previous promotional actions and the Investment calendar .

The Fifth and last section is the “Establishment of Control Mechanisms”. These control mechanisms will allow you to improve traffic quality, increase requests for information and increase your sales and profits.

“With the establishment of the control mechanisms we complete every real estate marketing plan; which, as I have already indicated in the first video of this series, consists of 2 parts: the strategic part and the operational part that we have discussed in this video.”

For more information on this Operational Real Estate Marketing Plan, we have published a detailed Tutorial on the topic plots for sale in Islamabad and how to prepare a specific marketing plan for real estate agencies. You can find it in this link: Marketing Plan for Real Estate Agencies.

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Remember, real estate marketing consists of two completely different dimensions, but certainly complementary. The first,  strategic marketing , deals with the strategic part of marketing and is focused on the long term.

It is a methodology that is responsible for studying and analyzing the market in order to detect new business opportunities, to subsequently launch value proposals that help meet the demands and needs detected.

On the other hand,  operational marketing , works marketing actions and focuses on the short term, is the tactical part of marketing. If strategic marketing is responsible for guiding the company in the process of creating marketing strategies, operational marketing lands the strategies to the field of action and starts them up.

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