The Ultimate Polo Shirt Guide — Gentleman’s Gazette

Polo tops are very wardrobe that is essential for men during the spring and summer seasons. Characterized by their collared necks, two or three fastening buttons, and short sleeves, polos are a design that is common but are really versatile. They may be used for a casino game of tennis or golf, dressed straight down on casual days, and also dressed up for the office.

Since polos are obviously more multi-functional than normal tees, they have become a well liked among athleisure and gratification wear brands — and Public Rec is the latest to tackle it.

Launched in 2015 by previous investment banker Zach Goldstein, Public Rec is made to fill the industry void of quality loungewear that men are confident with wearing outside of the house. A pair of sweatpants that sold out instantly and created a 1,200 person waiting list, and the Go-To Tee, a shirt designed to never lose its shape, the brand is creeping into the workwear space with the Go-To Polo after releasing super popular athleisure styles like the All Day Everyday Pant.

In 2017, I tested both the throughout the day daily Pant plus the Go-To Tee, plus they’ve both organized wonderfully since my reviews that are initial. When I heard about the brand releasing the all-new Go-To Polo, I was excited to give it a try, too. Public Rec delivered me personally a few samples, and after putting on them once or twice, we really like them better still than the tees.

The Go-To Polo pairs nicely using the pants that are go-To. Public Rec
Just what it is prefer to wear (might 2018)
The first thing I noticed about the Go-To Polo was the high level of comfort. The shirt is made from a proprietary fabric blend of Pima Cotton, TENCEL, and Spandex, that is made to wick moisture and not shrink while staying soft and elastic. The polo design makes this shirt a lot more functional while the material is identical to that of the Go-To Tee.

We praised the Go-To Tee for being a t-shirt it is possible to depend on for many occasions, therefore the Go-To Polo surpasses it in versatility. In a single time, I wore the Go-To Polo to your office, out for dinner, and also to the fitness center for a workout that is late-night. Finding a shirt that’s dressy enough for work, but made to perform well in a gym is otherwise pretty impossible. Yes, there are plenty of performance dress shirts on the market, but realistically, you won’t be doing sets of pull-ups and push-ups in them. Any physical activity is completely doable and you won’t look out of place while wearing it with the Go-To Polo.

The fact that the Go-To Polo never ever loses its form is a bonus that is major. I love performance polo shirts in general, but one of my biggest peeves is when the collar loses its shape, becoming droopy and sloppy. To me, at that point, the shirt is unwearable. Which will never be an issue with the Go-To Polo because the collar is made of similar material that is stretchy the remainder top.

Improve after 1 year and 8 months (January 2020)
Bonobos Organic Stretch Cotton Chinos
Right here the Public is being worn by me Rec Go-To Polo in Heather Silver Spoon. David Slotnick/Business Insider
Recently I updated my review in the Public Rec Go-To Tee, after being therefore impressed with how well it held up within the last two and a half years. It has also maintained incredibly well with nearly two years of wear (it’s essentially the same shirt, but in a different style) although I haven’t owned the Go-To Polo for as long,.

Public Rec’s claims that the shirt will never lose its shape are true. I’ve worn, washed, and dried my Go-To Polo many times, and it’s always come out of the laundry in perfectly condition that is good.

I love Ralph Lauren polos and I also have a huge amount of them (it’s my overall clothing that is favorite), but to be completely honest, Public Rec’s fits better than any of them. As you can see in the picture above, the sleeve still fit nicely hasn’t stretched and the collar isn’t warped or wrinkled. There’s very little more you can ask for out of a polo.

The bottom line
Coming in at $68 each, Public Rec Go-To Polos are a smart buy. They’re cheaper than traditional cotton polos from brands like Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, or Club Monaco — and have all the performance functionality you’ll ever need. Even for workouts or heavy physical activity, they’re still more comfortable and will last much longer than traditional cotton polos if you have no plans of wearing them.

If you’re looking a versatile, stylish, and shirt that is well-fitting can wear anywhere and every-where this springtime and summer, We highly recommend the Public Rec Go-To Polo.