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7 Secrets to Sell More Properties. Put them into Practice

To know how to sell, it is necessary to know how to listen.

Do you know what is one of the secrets to sell more real estate ? Listen and talk less.

Most real estate sellers talk too much. In today’s market, sellers are impatient to flood their customers with information that is sometimes not the information that interests them most. In my coaching sessions I realize that during the argument and sample of the house, real estate agents tend to talk 80% of the time.

This approach is not only ineffective; but it creates neither trust nor credibility . Simply speaking less, many agents could close more sales. Here are 7 ways to get it.

Secret No. 1 to Sell more Real Estate:  Defer from the Competition.

When the potential client perceives that you behave and talk in a similar way to other real estate agents, it is when you start having problems . Your goal is to be different, both on the phone and in person. And this difference comes to light immediately, when instead of describing the characteristics of your property, you start asking questions that are not threatening. Questions that you have already prepared beforehand so that the client is the one who speaks and you who listen.

This approach will give you a lot of credibility and you will begin to gain the confidence that is so important to close the sale. Preparation is everything in real estate sales. Think in advance how you are going to show the property to your clients; how you should argue your sale and prepare the possible answers to the most common questions. Ah! and be aware of your body language and how you should express yourself.

Secret # 2 to Sell more Properties:  Discover what your Customer is Concerned about.

Most real estate agents spend their time trying to convince their clients that the property for which they have shown interest is actually the one that the client needs . This approach is the wrong one.

You have to understand what the client’s fears are, their concerns. The customer wants you to help him buy; Not to sell him. To know what the client wants and what worries him, you have to listen carefully to what he says and what he does not say. It is what you must do before launching to describe the property, argue and persuade.

Secret nº.3 to Sell more Properties. Try to understand what the customer is looking for.

If you know what is the main problem that the client has to buy a property, ( school for their children, garage for 2 cars, tranquility in the area, building security, proximity to their work, payment method …); You will know how the property you are showing can solve that problem or not.

Solutions that you can give, using the “benefits” that the property has, to solve your problem. If you listen carefully and ask the right questions, the client will tell you in 90% of the cases what he is worried about and what he wants to achieve.

Secret No. 4 to Sell More Properties:  Find out if the Customer Has Enough Credit.

This factor will save you a lot of time and above all it will help you close many more sales faster. Many clients do not know that their credit capacity allows them to buy a certain property, if the payment terms are adequate.

This is called knowing how to negotiate the price. You have to have a conversation with the client about your creditworthiness, without giving the image of being indiscreet or impertinent.

This is achieved by looking for information on mortgage loans, preparing this conversation beforehand and looking for ways to ask the questions so that the client feels comfortable answering them.

This approach and preparation is responsible for many real estate agents being able to sell many properties per month, every month in University Town Islamabad . Sometimes clients do not know what their creditworthiness is or where or how to find a mortgage loan with advantageous terms and conditions.

Secret nº.5 to Sell more Properties. Understand the “Decision Making Process” well.

Many real estate agents feel trapped , when the client tells them that before making a decision, they need to consult with someone, (their partner, a relative) . Some real estate agents are even surprised that it does. For that reason, I have always indicated that the agent must try by all means to show a house to the couple and not to one of its members.

Generally not making a decision at the time of seeing the property for the first time is a wise position. What the real estate agent should get is that the client tells him when he will make a yes or no decision.

On the other hand, if you talk a lot, you don’t have to ask indirect questions to know who makes the purchase decision. He is rarely a single person. Even the investor goes to someone before making his final decision.

Secret nº.6 to Sell more Properties. Do you have what your client is looking for?

Make sure the potential client is looking for a property like the one you have. A very common mistake that real estate agents make is trying to convince the client to buy a property that he is not looking for or cannot afford.

Although you have given all the data of your property, the client perceives your information in a different way and often believes, or wants to believe, that your property is what you are looking for. This happens a lot with the information given by phone. The client may have the money to buy that property, but is it what he needs and wants?

If from the first telephone conversation, you don’t ask the right questions and listen to your client’s answers, you will waste a lot of time with unproductive clients. Another reason why many sellers do not sell as much and so quickly.

Secret No. 7 to Sell more Properties:   When you talk, go to the Grain and it will be Brief.

Knowing how to speak clearly and briefly is a skill that every real estate agent must possess. When it is not brief and clear, you tend to talk more about the account and not listen to what the client says and does not say. To sell a property quickly you have to create a conversation with the client where you speak 40% and the client 60%.

This creates confidence, shows professionalism on your part and will allow you to obtain valuable information that will help you sell fast.

If you are practicing to sell Islamabad properties, With these 7 ways to negotiate , you will not sell to all your customers; but you will sell more and you will do it faster because you will waste much less time with unproductive customers.

Selling real estate is not difficult. The difficult thing is to change the bad habits of argumentation and negotiation that are firmly rooted in many real estate agents. Actually, the biggest secret to selling more real estate is in the planning . A job that does not tend to be done for comfort and sometimes for too much self-confidence.

You must leave your comfort zone and prepare your argument in advance . Prepare what you should say and when to say it; Prepare the answers to the most common questions that shoppers usually ask and prepare smart questions.

The habit of preparation must be acquired , to visualize a positive result. Prepare each visit you make to the property with your clients, prepare what to say and how to say it when you receive calls from potential clients. Do it and you will sell more properties.

I would appreciate your leaving us a comment on this article. Do you know what it means to listen with your eyes and ears? Your opinion interests us. Thank you.


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Operational Real Estate Marketing

Without a written plan, your real estate business will fail.

The Operational Real Estate Marketing Plan comprises the 2nd part of any real estate marketing including Park View City in Islamabad is worth its salt. In the video below we explain what is its content and its function within the plan. Let’s not get confused. A real estate marketing plan for an agency or developer, even for an independent real estate agent, takes time. Especially the 2nd “Operational” part of the plan.

“You cannot make a real estate marketing plan to justify that you have a document, which shows what to do and how to do it; to achieve specific sales objectives. In addition, a real estate marketing plan must be clear and easy to implement. “

It all starts with the “Strategic” part; where the market in your area is analyzed , the competition in your area, the real estate product in your area and, based on this information, 4 types of objectives are established: traffic, information requests, potential customers and sales .

To get a certain number of sales; You need a specific number of really interested potential clients, which are obtained from a specific number of requests for information. These contacts come from a certain amount of traffic to your website, office, social networks and after sales. For each of your sales, there will be a certain number of requests for information, which will be related to a quantity of traffic generated to your website, social networks, office and after sales.

Do not; Designing a real estate marketing plan is not easy. However, it has the great advantage  that, if you prepare it well, you will be able to reach your sales objectives, (your final objectives), with a 90% chance. Moreover, who prepares his plan of action almost always ends up achieving more objectives than has been proposed.

For the past 3 years I have advised agents and agencies to prepare their particular real estate marketing plan and the proposed objectives have always been achieved.

You can get the same. Look at this video. It is part of a series of videos that we have hosted on YouTube. In this link you can find a very interesting article about: “How to Create an Online Marketing Plan that Grows (Almost) Any Business”. Enter this link: tools to create a business plan that works.

Video Operational Real Estate Marketing Plan.

In this video we will talk briefly about the operational part of a real estate marketing plan. It is the part that indicates how to do what needs to be done.

The operative part is the second part of any real estate marketing plan. It is planned and programmed, depending on the data that we have obtained in the strategic part, the most appropriate collection and sale actions to achieve the proposed objectives.

What does the Operational Marketing Plan contain?

In other words; The operational real estate marketing plan will tell you how to do well what needs to be done. It is very likely that, during this phase, you modify some of your objectives, while defining your business strategy and budget. The operative part of a real estate marketing plan consists of the following 5 sections.

First, establish the new “Marketing Process” . That is to say; you will define in detail what it will be: your ” Property Collection Process” ; your “Customer Acquisition Process” ; your “Property Negotiation and Sale Process” ; your “Service Delivery Process” and your “After Sales Process “.

Second, establish the Structure of the Commercial Department. Among other points you must define in this section what are the “Material Resources” that your commercial department needs. You will also specify the fees or commissions of the real estate agents.

Third, establish the Marketing Strategy, and the means you will use to capture clients and properties; both online and offline. For example, the activities to be carried out to improve your website and improve your blog. The SEO or positioning actions to attract more organic traffic in your area, and complete this section of the Operational Real Estate Marketing Plan by selecting the online media that you will use to attract qualified traffic: search engines, social networks, portals, classifieds, etc., and what strategy will you use in each medium

The Fourth section is the “Establishment of your Annual Budget”. That is, the cost of all previous promotional actions and the Investment calendar .

The Fifth and last section is the “Establishment of Control Mechanisms”. These control mechanisms will allow you to improve traffic quality, increase requests for information and increase your sales and profits.

“With the establishment of the control mechanisms we complete every real estate marketing plan; which, as I have already indicated in the first video of this series, consists of 2 parts: the strategic part and the operational part that we have discussed in this video.”

For more information on this Operational Real Estate Marketing Plan, we have published a detailed Tutorial on the topic plots for sale in Islamabad and how to prepare a specific marketing plan for real estate agencies. You can find it in this link: Marketing Plan for Real Estate Agencies.

We also have other Tutorials specifying how a Marketing Plan should be prepared for a Real Estate Developer and for an Independent Real Estate Agent. Access this blog page to know more. Real Estate Reports .

Remember, real estate marketing consists of two completely different dimensions, but certainly complementary. The first,  strategic marketing , deals with the strategic part of marketing and is focused on the long term.

It is a methodology that is responsible for studying and analyzing the market in order to detect new business opportunities, to subsequently launch value proposals that help meet the demands and needs detected.

On the other hand,  operational marketing , works marketing actions and focuses on the short term, is the tactical part of marketing. If strategic marketing is responsible for guiding the company in the process of creating marketing strategies, operational marketing lands the strategies to the field of action and starts them up.

We would be grateful if you would leave us a comment about this article and share it with your professional colleagues in social networks. Do you think that the operative part of a marketing plan is more important than the strategic part? Your opinion interests us. Thank you.


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This is. Chiffon is offered in a number of colours from colours

Even if it’s summers and all of the people around favor Pakistani yard collections because of their move also but bear in mind the fact that the majority of weddings encounter in precisely the exact same summer time and yard dresses not do the task in regards to household events of close and dear ones. Females are keen to acquire since it’s the instinct of girls so they can stick out from the lot. Anyways, speaking about the dresses on the internet and at the current market, when it comes to weddings, most folks prefer it the kind of rock, chain, and appliqué work standouts the finest on chiffon and as it’s lighter.

Chiffon is a lightweight yet slick kind of cloth usually utilized to produce gowns and formal gowns due to the gorgeous flare chiffon gives.

charizma online

Bearing in mind the impulse of females to appear the best on the afternoon of this occasion, Pakistani chiffon collections inside the assumptions of individual collections of designers have been found. Additionally, chiffon is a fabric for the type that is ideal, get it stitched based on demand and the things, but created, it stuns the individual for just how the individual looks seeing and sporting it. To get your hands on the clothes that are most effective on the internet is just one task as not most of these may do justice as well as the ones that are decent have been sold out.

Speaking about the chiffon dresses, they might comprise frocks, gowns, lehengas, etc. which should be the best software of chiffon. An individual have to remember that different cloths can alter the way the way the dress may seem as it all is dependent upon how a cloth may stand out according to your requirement to which we’d always advocate as the majority of the snowy summer selections including the formal and wedding dresses consistently consist of chiffon which functions as the go-to for the majority of the wedding gowns. Silk or Silk are utilized to generate.

charizma online


As stated before, the material looks best for frocks, maxis, kurtis that never go out of fashion as folks coming back into older styles and these iconic dresses are not less.

Yard Summer Collections


Being in Pakistan can make it much easier for you to receive the garments of your own personal choice from the regional markets since Pakistan is regarded as the market hub for clothing but for the individuals living outside Pakistan, it’s somewhat difficult rather than a great deal of boutiques provide clothing that are simply coming up to your preferences. However, our dresses online boutique won’t even help you to get. You need to purchase and clothing can be sent by us with no problem to the USA. Not just this we supply our services into nations such as Australia, Canada, UK and the world over.

. So the designers have the freedom to purchase fabric and dye it 24,, this fabric can be dyed. Designer Chiffon shalwar kameez suits are expensive as compare to ones that are normal, but the grade of embroidery on these dresses are of and more straightforward criteria which are better. They need to be ironed by one from the interior, so the embroidery might not get destroyed, to iron dresses.



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Uses of colocation hosting


Financial services organizations operate in a highly competitive marketplace which places great emphasis on the IT infrastructure to remain robust and efficient. In which they can maintain their own specifications and controls, banks, insurance companies, trading firms and many others have maintained their IT on-premise.

And it’s proved to be a wise choice, particularly for essential applications like batch services, database and storage, mainframe solutions, along with high-performance and grid computing systems — for example, for conducting trading systems or operational analytics.

colocation hosting

However, competitive pressures and the huge benefits that cloud computing provides, are driving more financial support IT departments to maneuver their workloads off-premise. Gartner predicts that”by 2025, 80 percent of enterprises will migrate entirely away from on-premise data centres with the present trend of moving workloads to colocation hosting along with the cloud leading them to close down their conventional data centre.”

For most businesses, this a means looking for colocation facilities in which they can maintain their preferred specifications. They’re also able to gain the benefits of leveraging a collocation partner.

Obviously, financial service institutions are also exploring private and public cloud solutions for non-core workloads such as AI, Blockchain, and large data analytics, which demand scalability and processing power. But cloud is not sufficiently secure, controllable or cost-efficient for services that are financial systems.

And so, the very best surroundings by way is colocation because of its capacity to mirror an on-premise environment, whilst also that providing sufficient controls and flexibility. Below are some of the main reasons it is worth contemplating going down the colocation route.

Availability and continuity

Top tier colocation data center facilities are designed for availability, continuity and redundancy. They are going to have an emergency services offered together with generators additional electricity supplies, batteries and so on, for clients with outage scenarios tested to ensure continuity. Additionally, collocation hosting suppliers are obliged to keep SLAs and business . Because of this, you might discover that colocation enhances the customer experience, offering less lag and downtime compared with cloud solutions that are public.

IT management and support This frees up your staff to concentrate on business-centric and tactical goals and tasks, or revenue-generating or customer-centric purposes, instead of spending time on routine operations.

Furthermore, colocation service suppliers can provide extra support and assistance to your management and technical groups, which is useful for configuring, extending, managing and incorporating IT equipment and applications.

Data center Expenses

Colocation facilities can help companies shift big capital costs to smaller and more predictable operational expenses, as they consume some of their IT as a support. At an datacenter, the costs and services are shared between all clients helping to make it a less expensive choice.”

With our expertise advanced physical data centre infrastructure solutions, Panduit is able to help you build a responsive and powerful IT system, together with the option to base this in secure and reliable colocation centers of your choice. Is it time for you?

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Features of server colocation

Why Move to a Data Center?

A recent study by IDG discovered that roughly two-thirds of organizations already store at least some of the data in a server colocation data centre. Even among organizations that rely solely on on-premises facilities, over 70 percent have plans to migrate some data into a colocation facility at some point later on. Interestingly, the magnitude of a company seems to have no impact on whether or not a business pursues a data centre strategy, with companies smaller and bigger than 5,000 employees equally likely to colocate at least some of the operations using a centre.

server colocation

Backup and redundancy appear to be the best motivator for current colocation tendencies, using a bit over half of companies surveyed indicating as such. A data center’s expandable storage capacities are an obvious attraction. Although massive amounts of data are produced every day by consumers along with other network processes, advancements in data storage have banished the longstanding fears that data centers will be running out of space.

Data centre statistics indicate that about 80 percent of businesses are considering using colocation facilities to encourage some combination of critical projects and software. As companies adopt the usage of data analytics, which sorts through the massive amounts of unstructured information accumulated at all levels of these networks, they confront escalating processing demands that are very tricky to meet with an on-premises solution. It may simply expand its capability by physically adding more servers to supply the excess processing punch, if a company has a data center that is private. Does this require a substantial capital expenditure, but in addition, it raises costs in the short term and long term. Those servers must be powered and chilled, and if they are not required in the future, the business is stuck paying for them.

By migrating IT infrastructure into a data center, especially one supplying SDDC services, companies can easily scale their computing requirements by purchasing more server capacity. If their demands change, they always have the ability to scale down in the future, and they’re also able to utilize the data center environment to leverage cloud computing tools from a large number of providers.

Uptime Reliability

Regardless of their existing data center model, most organizations cite uptime reliability because one of the primary concerns with their IT infrastructure. Given the high prices of downtime, it is no wonder that always ranked high across a number of verticals IDG. Within an solution, organizations are responsible for maintaining their particular service, which may be. Colocation data centers can take these concerns off the hands of a company with high their SLA uptime reliability. With distant hands teams in the ready to make sure that once they are needed by companies all servers remain up and running, data centers are an attractive solution for complex network infrastructures that provide services and must maintain data accessibility. A data centre will generally provide better SLA reliability, for companies contemplating a colocation vs cloud option.

While every company faces distinct IT pressures, a number are electing to make the shift to colocation data centers to take advantage of the versatility and dependability. With advancements in server visualization and cloud architectures such as hybrid deployments, it’s easier than ever for companies to utilize the resources of data centre facilities while also keeping up the level of visibility and control they need over their assets.

Colocation Costs vs Cloud Costs

Colocation services pose higher upfront costs compared to the cloud-based solution. That’s because customers must purchase hardware instead of migrating data. However, the pricing structure of cloud will tip the balance back toward colocation. Although cloud providers are scalable and offer a lot of flexibility and power, getting access may get extremely expensive, very quickly.

On the flip side, going the colocation route means having to maintain and replace equipment with time. Having a cloud-based solution, the provider handles all updates. The cloud could present a simpler, if not always cheaper, solution When an organization isn’t prepared to take into consideration how it will manage the server refresh cycle of its IT infrastructure.

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Pak-China friendly Project: Blue World City Islamabad

The Blue World City is the most modern residential community which is under development by the Blue Group of Companies in partnership with the Shan Jian Municipal Engineering, China. Financial investors of the housing scheme have signed an MOU with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering, China. That’s why this company is responsible for the development and construction of this housing society.

Blue world city islamabad joint venture is the big step toward Pak-China friendship. Blue world city has impressive range of amenities and services for its occupants. The housing society is one of its kinds.

BWC will be the most finest residential and business hubs in the area due to its modern technology. BWC also embraces a fabulous overseas block for foreigners especially Chinese.

Related image

Blue World City NOC

Blue world city is already authorized. It got NOC and permission for development at the BWC site from Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

Blue World City Location

Blue World City was coined as the next most successful residential and commercial project, in line with the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) route.

The location of this venture was termed as the most significant in terms of the future of CPEC and its close proximity to M2 (Lahore- Islamabad Motorway and the new Islamabad airport, paving way for attractive investment.

Blue World City is situated on Chakri Road and is easily reachable from both Thalian Interchange and Chakri Interchange. Though, Thalian Interchange is more near to Islamabad. Thalian Interchange is predictable to assist as the main entree point from Islamabad to many housing societies located on Chakri Road.

BWC housing project is in accessible vicinity to many housing societies including Capital Smart City, Khanial Homes, Royal Farmhouses, University town, Green Oaks Agro Farm Houses and Star Agro Farms etc.

The BWC scheme is located closer to the Rawalpindi Ring Road, which is planned interchange on Chakri Road. Furthermore, approaching from the Thalian Interchange, Blue World City is more nearby.

The Rawalpindi Ring Road adds significant impact to BWC society in the near future making it more suitable to access from all parts of Rawalpindi and Zone IV and Zone V of Islamabad.

A Pak-China Friendly City

Blue World City is launched in Islamabad near – New Islamabad International Airport. It intends to be new commercial hub of Pakistan, forming extensive & trade markets for Pakistani and Chinese industrialists.

BWC will offer easy and safe access to buyers locally and internationally due to the project’s strategic location adjacent to CPEC route (M-2 Motorway) which benefits of CPEC for both Chinese and Pakistani people, who wish to relocate here for business or personal purposes.

Launching of Blue World City

At the event of launching of Blue world city the investors and dealers meet owners of Blue World City This event featured special guests from China as well.

The event featured CEO BGC, Saad Nazir, Advisor at Centre of Excellence, CPEC Islamabad, Dr. HasnainJaved, Mr. Cui Yong (Deputy Secretary One Belt One Road Initiative), Ms. DraganaOstic (Expert on foreign relations at Jiangsu University), China, Ms. Jennifer Fan Du (Investment Manager) amongst notable speakers.

These foreign and the native guests were given an aerial valuation of the development site via Helicopter ride.

Saad Nazir, The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Blue Group of Companies said something about Blue World City venture:

“We are here with the expectation to deliver on our word of involving the local and foreign investor for the benefit of the country. This BWC project inaugural session serves to aware you that the foundation for a modernized residential and commercial hub has been laid and it gets only better from here”.



High Amount of Chinese Residents

Within the BWC housing society, there’ll be a massive number of Chinese citizens visiting the Blue World City. There are strategies to prepare a different zone or block for nearly 10,000 of those occupants in the area which will further help improve the cooperation between both states. The shareholders are still determining whether the Chinese citizens ought to be given lodging through possession plots or rights as part of a replacement approach.

Revolutionary Construction Technology

The housing scheme already has magnificent architecture with tranquil and aesthetically pleasing environment. Through using latest technologies for building, the Chinese officials have helped market panoramic beauty and luxurious living in the region.

The master strategy for your community will consist of architectural components inspired by the Chinese techniques of building. The officials plan on utilizing state of the art equipment to provide superior lodging to residents that matches Global standards of living.

Facilities and amenities:




  • City gated community
  • Identified Gate Entry System
  • Wide roads and dense infrastructure
  • 40,80 and 120 feet wide carpeted streets
  • Provision of public transport
  • Underground Electricity Wiring
  • Own electric supply and unit
  • Load-shedding Free Environment
  • Sewerage Treatment Plant
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Gas and Telephone Connections
  • 24 Hours CCTV Security
  • E-Tag System
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Facial & Object Recognition Cameras
  • Parks & Jogging Tracks
  • Adventure Club & Mini Golf Club
  • Spa and saloons
  • Oxygen Park & lake..
  • Sports and cultural complex
  • Water Theme Park
  • Safari Zoo and water pools
  • Theaters and 3D I-max Cinemas
  • Sector and Jamia Mosques
  • Blue Mosque ( replica of Turkey)
  • Blue Mart Department Store Chain
  • Easy Installment Plans: investors belonging from all classes of society
  • Police station.
  • Affordable and Fancy
  • Hotels and Ranches
  • Educational Institutes hub
  • BRT Stations
  • 24-Hours Health Services with Ambulance
  • 40 bed hospital.
  • Shopping Arenas




The housing society will be of state-of-art of modern Chinese design. Developers and constructers will also be using Chinese development proficiency and hi-tech machinery. This society will have eye-catching development.


Developers will guarantee maintenance of international standards of living as well as marvelous and luxury lifestyle for its residents.


Blue World City will be an excellent opportunity for investment and business activities also due to its central location and connection with CPEC Route. So don’t miss this ideal chance for investing.


Master planned community, the most up-to-date commercial avenues, education hubs, health centers and leisure and entertainment amenities.  All of these will make Blue World City a golden opportunity for ideal family living.