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Top 5 Best Senso Bluetooth Headphones Review in 2020

In our Experience with all the ActivBuds, there was lots of bass response — far more than we would expect from senso bluetooth headphones review with small drivers.

senso bluetooth headphones

Another thing to Believe is that the codec — Senso doesn’t clearly promote the codec, but our tests showed it had been transmitting audio via our phones or computers using the lossiest SBC protocol, meaning that a significant degradation in sound quality. It’s important to bear in mind, although it’s to be expected at this price point.


1 Final point on audio SENSO has loaded in Qualcomm’s CVC 6.0. It is not the same noise canceling, that needs a literal sound to be projected to cancel out noise. It’s a protocol utilizing algorithms to help explain the noise and avoid some outside noise. It’s important to be aware that the technology was created during cell phone calls for sound handling, and we didn’t detect discount ourselves out of the standard suppression by your ear being plugged. But, at the close of the afternoon, the sound quality here will suffice for workouts and commute usage.


We spent We, and about four or three days with these headphones could state you’ll find a lot of battery life.


These buds contain an 85 MAh battery that you can recharge with a brief, included micro-USB cable. Senso sheet lists the hours of play time at around 8 hours of usage and up to 240 hours of standby time. They also assert that you can charge up the headphones fully in under two hours.


We Four days with these headphones, and we could say you’ll get a ton of battery life with them. The 240 hours of standby is a nice safety net, so we weren’t surprised to see them last the week after we chucked them in our bag and shut them off. From our estimates, we have nearer to ten hours of podcast and audio listening, and that’s with volume.

Price: A Fantastic bargain


Shortcomings aside, the SENSO ActivBuds sit at the time of this writing. A cursory research reveals us that they do not often cost more or less than that. This sets them firmly at the low end of Bluetooth earbuds which are worth purchasing, but. Aside from good battery life and quantity, the ActivBuds even come like a smartphone card slot and a car phone mount. The jury is out on how good these freebie accessories are, but as an entire package, it is difficult to beat this offer.

Competition: A great deal of the same, with little to distinguish


There’s a strange, Invisible boundary between”low end” and”high end” for Bluetooth exercise headphones. You paying $20 to $150. The contest for the ActivBuds is the range, and also in that group, you’ll find offerings from manufacturers such as Anker, Mpow, and Zagg. The Senso’s have nothing special to make them stick out against the Mpow Flame which has a similar price and feature set, but by the exact same token, there is nothing which makes them worse .


Final Verdict


These Sturdy Bluetooth headphones offer you good match decent audio, and an affordable price tag.


The Senso ActivBuds do what they are supposed to and last a long time. The build quality seems good, although there is little to distinguish them among unique headphones in the range, the fit is customizable, and the audio quality should support music listeners.